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Boulder Garage Doors | Pros and Cons of Tinted Garage Door Windows

We had a customer tell us recently that they love making decisions that make them stand out.  That’s fine.  If that’s your bag, we can get behind that.  So when he was asking us to install a new garage door windows, he wanted completely clear garage door windows so that he would stand out.

Hold on.  What?  Clear windows on a garage door?!  That’s crazy talk.

So, we presented him with this short list of pros and cons for tinting your garage door windows.


  • More secure, since people can’t see in easily.
  • More private, see above.
  • More aesthetically pleasing, as it’s uniform.
  • Helps to keep temperature cool in the garage.


  • None.

Boulder Garage Doors | “Spring Cleaning” even though spring’s almost over!

Has someone ever talked to you about spring cleaning, but meant it ridiculously literally?  What is “spring cleaning” literally meant to clean your springs.  Most people would have no idea what springs are being talked about, but not you!  You’re the smart and savvy homeowner who is interested in maintaining the life and integrity of your garage door springs.

You know that you should regularly clean your garage door springs as a simple method of DIY preventative maintenance to ensure that they last a long time to come.

You do know all of that, don’t you?  Well, if not, now you do–  Preventing a buildup of grime and junk will make your springs last!

Boulder Garage Doors | What Happened To All The Old Wooden Tilt-Up Garage Doors?

Just like pagers, typewriters and affordable gasoline are long gone, so too is the old wooden tilt-up garage door!

Tilt up garage door

The tilt up doors have been a part of America’s facade for decades. These doors were very popular on homes built in the late 1960’ and early 1970’s. Believe it or not, some of these doors are still in use today! However, as technology and design become more advanced, most of the old garage doors followed suit.

Some major flaws of this type of door lead to its eventual demise. There were some safety and security issues. For one thing, these dinosaurs are referred as “shinbusters” because they bust your shins every time the door tilts out and up. These heavy old doors use two very large springs. If and when one of these spring breaks, the door can slam down with full force, crushing objects or people if they’re in the door’s path.

Old tilt-up wooden doors consisted of a single panel door that pivots out and up, sliding into a section along the ceiling of your garage. Tilt up doors greatly reduces overhead space in your garage. They can even hit your car when the door is opening or closing, if it’s parked too close the doorway.

It’s also difficult to insulate wooden garage doors. They have no additional insulation features. Also, due to the tilt up/out design of older doors, it’s almost impossible to have a good weather seal. Living in a cold state like Colorado it’s very important to have a well-insulated and tightly sealed garage door to keep the elements out!

Wooden tilt up doors can still be installed in your home, but it’s recommended to replace it with a modern sectional door!

Fix my wooden tilt up garage door

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